Friday, 22 March 2013

Life Goes On - Those Moments

Sometimes I have these moments ,
Moments of restlessness , moments of regret , 
moments of "How could I do this ? " ,
And in these moments , a fast forwarded recording of all the things i did wrong , flash before my eyes ,
All the times I let people down or broke their trust ,
times I lied or backbit-ed ,
Times when due to these stupid , immature deeds , i lost them , FOREVER .

And then I have this feeling of helplessness ,
the heartburn , wanting to set things right ,
but in life there are no second chances ,
I try to bargain with my conscience , bargain with my heart,but in vain ,
leading to compressing and shoving these moments in some corner of my brain .

What has happened is done , the harm has occurred , mistakes made 

but now as i start with a clean slate , in a new place , breathing a new life ,
all I can do is not be the person i was 5 years back ,
all I can do is embrace what is left , welcome what's on the way ,
I could not set things right, but now all I can do is make sure that this one time I do things right .

The heartburn is still there , that corner of my brain is often touched ,
and I just have to live with it , try to move on ,
cause as we know in the end, life goes on ... 



  1. Shonazee, you just showed me my a mirror...a reflection of sorts. Beautiful. :')

  2. Moving words, Shonazee. We can't edit the past but we can shape our futures. I wish you happiness from this point on.

    1. I am glad you liked it :)
      I wish soo tooo , Thaanks alott !

  3. You're one hell of a good writer! I wonder if you hadn't come across, I would've missed some real nice stuff.

    About the post, how else true it could be!? But hey, you realise the wrong and that's the best lesson.
    There's always a second chance > always!! <
    Just let the flow go.. it will all be alright.
    And remember, the ones who really love you and want you in their lives, will always forgive you. :)
    Take care sweets.

    1. Awww thaaankyou :)
      Yeaah , thaat's veryy true , those who really love you , will always forgive you and they will always stay in your life !
      I am really glad that i came across you and your awesome blog , eagerly waiting for your next blogpost :D

  4. One thing that makes a person best is,whn they realise,accepts,n learn from their mistakes..You are the Best :)#Respect!

    1. Gossh , i am flattered :)
      Thaankyou Salman !

  5. Life goes on ... and we have to walk along with it, whether we like it or not :-)

    1. Yeaah , whether we like it or not ..
      Btw , thanks for stopping by :)

  6. We are often too carried away with our own little world we forget to stop by, look around or look back to realize what we have done and the moment we realize there's no turning back. But still life goes on. Such a great post. It was worth reading.

    1. True that . Looking back sometimes helps us in moving on . Thank you Rida :)



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