Monday, 18 June 2012

Sundays with Daddy-1

I will always remember those Sunday mornings when dad and I used to go for long walks , talking about everything from his teenage to mine , from talks about our family business to my studies , from the kinda songs he used to listen , to the kinds i do , in fact contrasting his life to mine , And every Sunday we set out , I used to learn more about my dad , and more about life too , it's meanness to the unexpected surprises . It was like a preparation to face this evil world , to be able to handle problems and stand up when i land square on my face , and to celebrate and be content with everything that God has showered me with .

One such Sunday he told me about this 2+2=4 rule .
It is quite simple , when we were young and tender in primary / junior classes , teachers used to teach us 2+2=4 and if we went wrong , she would first try to make us understand , if we still could not learn then she would give it another try , if we still didn't ,she would cane us real hard , if we still did not learn she would even punish us with 25 sit-ups or talk to our parents or whatever but she would stop only when we learnt that 2+2=4.
Just like that in our lives each time we face a problem , not only do we have to overcome the problem but learn from those mistakes , if we don't , life will come up with a little more harsh way of teaching us the same rule / quality / whatever that we lack ... but just like the teacher it would never give up on us until and unless we learn from our mistake !

Simple right ? So next time you have some valleys in your life make sure to be strong enough to overcome it and yeah , learn from it too ! :) !

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