Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sundays with Daddy - 2

It was just another Sunday , me and my dad took our cycles , hogged idlis at our favorite breakfast stop and then we were heading back to our place . Racing . And my dad , still thinking that loosing against him would make me all sad and tear-ish (like it used to when I was 6) was letting me win , so I overtook him (as usual)  I mean  who doesn't like winning ? even if it's a stupid cycle race !

And then I turned around, to give my dad the na-na-na-poo-poo sign , and he wasn't there ! HE FREAKING WASN'T THERE !! I was scared ,  I din't know what to do ... Yeaah I was like born and brought up in this town but my mom never let me go to the neighboring shops without what she calls "adult supervision" , let alone some place that's a few kilometers away . I started panicking , it was pretty early so all I could find around me were a bunch of labor workers who were eyeing me from top to bottom , and I was , well just going straight , avoiding all the attention I was being showered with , and right when I was about to throw my cycle in a corner and start crying like a abla naari , I spot a pole . Thanks to my brother who once mentioned about this pole being pretty close to my place , I figured my way home !

And there he was , my dad , all smiles waiting for me . But I was very furious and angry and well , mad at him for leaving me alone in the middle of no where , knowing that I did not carry my phone or money or a brain mapped route to my house. So I asked him why he just disappeared like that , and this is what he said - "I just wanted to teach you that , in times of need , when you desperately want some help or support, all your gonna have is YOU !" and that's soo trueee !

Soo be your own strength , be your own best friend , be your own hero , cause in the end all you are ever gonna have is YOU !


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