Friday, 22 March 2013

Life Goes On - Those Moments

Sometimes I have these moments ,
Moments of restlessness , moments of regret , 
moments of "How could I do this ? " ,
And in these moments , a fast forwarded recording of all the things i did wrong , flash before my eyes ,
All the times I let people down or broke their trust ,
times I lied or backbit-ed ,
Times when due to these stupid , immature deeds , i lost them , FOREVER .

And then I have this feeling of helplessness ,
the heartburn , wanting to set things right ,
but in life there are no second chances ,
I try to bargain with my conscience , bargain with my heart,but in vain ,
leading to compressing and shoving these moments in some corner of my brain .

What has happened is done , the harm has occurred , mistakes made 

but now as i start with a clean slate , in a new place , breathing a new life ,
all I can do is not be the person i was 5 years back ,
all I can do is embrace what is left , welcome what's on the way ,
I could not set things right, but now all I can do is make sure that this one time I do things right .

The heartburn is still there , that corner of my brain is often touched ,
and I just have to live with it , try to move on ,
cause as we know in the end, life goes on ... 



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