Thursday, 10 October 2013

One year

She was teary-eyed with a smile on her face . An expression which conveyed that she was happy , overjoyed and proud - of me . That was a year ago . Today , once again her eyes are moist and a smile plays on her lips . And once again she's proud of me . One year . From getting an admission in a med school to passing my first year in first division . One blissful year .
But she forgets that all of this has happened because of her . Because she came over to stay with me for a few weeks before my finals . Because she slept when I slept (which was too late , around 2-3 am) and woke me up (too early around 5-6 am ) . Because she made me innumerable cups of green teas and coffees and soups that worked like red bull . Because she made sure I had every comfort she could offer . But she , my mom , doesn't realize that ( soo I might as well take the credit ;) )
One year . From sitting in a class full of strangers , 149 strangers , with this small-town-girl syndrome to shedding the inferiority complex and building friendships that will last beyond my life . Or so I hope .
One year .
The year I danced in a flash mob ( the last time I danced in front of an audience was when I was 10/11 years old ! ) .
The year I had a very expensive hair cut .
The year I hit a 4 on the last deciding ball of our cricket match against the senior most batch of our college , and that's how our team won the first match (boasting ?! a lil bit :P ) .
The year I cut my birthay cake which read " Happy Birthday Dr.Shonazee " .
The year I was asked by the Physiology Head of the Department Ma'm to sit in the first bench instead of dozing off in the last one ( yeaah , like in the middle of a lecture) .
The year I fell right smack on my face and went gliding like a retarted  seal on the floor .
The year i realized that irrespective of the rotten smell formalin has , i LOVED it !
The year i mastered the art of self-pricking ( After pricking myself some uncountable times ) .
The year I learnt how to live with hostile people to two faced morons .
The year I experienced jinxed bunks , all of them . This one time ,  our colg staff decided to tally the attendances of morning and afternoon lectures the same day we decided to bunk the first half . Yeah , from 364 other days it was this particular day they chose . We were soo doomed .
The year I watched movies missing the start or the climax in a theatre .
The year I attended my first ever Barbeque party . It rocked ? That would be an understatement .
The year I learnt travelling by buses , yeah a big improvement over the girl who needed adult supervision to visit the neighbouring shops .
The year I made peace with my past .
It wasn't just another year , but there goes another chapter in my book of life .

               This is a collage of some of the lame and stupid papers I and MY FRIENDS turned in for some dumb , not-so-imp exam this year :P

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