Books Over Muggles

Books held me captive from my very first encounter with them, I read, sniffed, cuddled with them (still do), I grew up with The Naughtiest Girl in the school and the twins at St.Clares, I spoke to ghosts with The Mediator and laughed out loud with Archies. I cried over works by Khaled and blushed because of Simon Spier. I got absorbed, became an integral part of the Potter world after resisting it all my life. I fell in love and out, broke my heart and healed it, experienced change and the feeling of being different, unaccepted, of unrequited love, and loss of a dear one. I've spent nights sobbing, swooning, and throwing the book at the wall. I've done all these and more and I'd love to share my experiences with you. So, I'll be dedicating this page of my blog to my very dear boyfriend, literature.
To choosing books over muggles, fiction over reality, Cheers!

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