Monday, 30 September 2013

You are living someone's DREAM

I sometimes dream of a life where I am living independently with some awesome roommates ( Like George and Izzie ) , not being judged for having a guy room mate ( Yeah , that someone cute like George ) or for hanging out with my guyfriends . A life wherein I work at a corporate office , hot boss , a heavy , very HEAVY paycheck , stuff like that . Being born in an economically middle class family , I wanted to finish my studies as soon as possible and start earning (real quick) so that I could support my family . But well call it the irony of life , I got myself in a profession which is gonna take long for the studies to get over and even longer for me to earn that heavy pay check . (Just in case you are wondering , I am a Doctor in the making ) . We all have dreams  . We all dream of some life , different than the one we are living or maybe with little changes in the present one .

Sometimes , we are just not satisfied with anything that life offers . We want more money , new phone , Iphone4s maybe ? We buy it but then comes Iphone 5 , now we want that . New clothes . And all we want is more of this , more of thaat ..

We loathe and self-pity all the time . We ask God "why me?" every chance we get .

It's never enough . We are always caught up in some day dream or some in-the-head melodrama about how unfair life has been so far .

Have we ever considered that maybe , just maybe there is someone out there wanting to be YOU ,
There is someone out there who's only dream is to be able to see the world with his own eyes , to be able to see his loved ones even if it's for a minute ,
There is someone out there dreaming of  having a mom , having a dad , of being pampered and scolded and protected by them ,
There is someone out there who's only dream is to be able to stand , walk , run ,
There is someone out there dreaming of a cemented roof,
There is someone out there dreaming to be able to live a little longer , just a little longer .

These things , little things , being able to see or walk or have food to eat , water to quench thirst , we just take them for granted . It's no big deal . We don't even pay attention to these things . But to someone out there it means everything . EVERYTHING .

Why are we always full of complaints , full of regrets ?

Life is unfair . Life is a bitch . Life also is a great teacher .

So why can't we be happy for all that we have . Embrace the left overs .Be thankful for the breath you just took . Be happy that you are living , with pain , problems , tragedy and what not , but hey ! you are still living , still breathing . Because right now , just as you read this , someone took his last breath , felt his last heartbeat , thought his last thought , dreamt his last dream . So be happy and  thankful , because you are living a life that is worth a thousand dreams !


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