Review Policy

Hello there!
Want your book reviewed? Please go through my policy first :
- I'm accepting only Fictional genre at the moment.
- I'd prefer physical copies, but e-books will do too.
- Not all requests will be accepted, I'm a student and find very little time reading, so I'm going to be extremely choosy about the books I pick.
- Once I receive the copy, I'll take at least 1 month to review it (because, College.)
- The review will not only be published on my blog but also on Amazon and Goodreads.
- The reviews are going to be honest. If I like them, my readers will know, if I don't, same thing. (But I won't bad-trash a book.)
- If I really, really don't like the book, I may not review it at all.
- And I'll link you up as soon as I finish reviewing the book.

That's about it. Reach me here,


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