Monday, 21 May 2018

Wanderlust in Books: A Book Review

Bloody Scotland has 12 short stories written by Scotland's finest crime writers - what really intrigued me (since I'm not one for crime fiction) is that every story uses one of Scotland's *real* iconic/historic sites to tell a thrilling fictional tale. There are pictures of the said sites, making the reading experience more visual & fun. Also, there's detailed description of the sites (along with visiting times) given towards the end of the book. SO COOL, RIGHT?

About the stories, it has a lukewarm start where classic crime/horror plots are used and since we've read so many of such plots, the book failed to keep me intrigued. Other stories however made up for the underwhelming start.
Some worth mentioning are;

Come Friendly Bombs by Louise Welsh, which touches upon how war changes people & how misery brings out the darkness in even the best of the people. This was a particularly dark & grim tale that I very much enjoyed.

Sanctuary by Sara Sheridan is about a woman who returns to the city she grew up in, to work as a caretaker of Kinneil House. We discover how from not belonging elsewhere, not being able to call a place home she finds her sanctuary in this old monumental house, which may or may not be haunted.                                                                                                                                                                    

All in all, it's a really good mix of stories ranging from psychological thrillers to stories of revenge, murder, what notApart from the stories, what I really enjoyed about the book was googling all the sites 
around which the stories were based, reading up on their history, looking up 27839393 of their images. So virtual trip to Scotland done, and my bucket list for the real trip is set! ;)
If you love visiting other countries via books or are someone who loves dark tales, this can be your next quick read! Thank You, Bee Books for sending a review copy of this book.


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