Wednesday, 21 June 2017


I have got a problem.
It's that I don't know when to let go.
I'm such a dependent person, much like an obligate parasite. I can't function without another human being. We're all that way, I guess. 

I get clingy & desperate. Be it a project or a person, I fail to realize the time when irreversible damage has occurred when it's time to say I did my best but it didn't work out so goodbye, good riddance. I fail to realize that the limb is beyond salvaging. The limb could be rotting & you'd find me clutching it tightly anyway, through the fetid, molding smell, through the decay, I'll keep holding on until it has decomposed. Until there's nothing to hold onto. 

When is the right time to let go? To set free? To say goodbye to toxic people & useless projects? Is there a scale I can use? Can someone teach me when/how it's done? Cause it hurts. It hurts being the one left behind. It hurts being the one who wouldn't let go. It hurts because I won't let myself free. 


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