Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Is this what useless feels like?

Have you been following the Syrian war? Are you aware of the current situation in Aleppo?

I feel helpless and burdened. I feel useless and ashamed.
I keep reminding myself that it isn't a book, not a heart-breaking historical fiction novel, but real current happenings.
How does one live with that? How do you go about brushing and eating, knowing that babies were burned, that kids were being treated without anesthesia, that women slit their own wrists for fear of being raped, that even though people are being evacuated, they have nowhere to stay, that even though the war is "over", we failed as human beings. How?

How do we continue to live knowing that a genocide took place while we were alive and we did nothing to stop it. Mere breathing feels wrong. 

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