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Bullet Journaling: September

I discovered Bullet Journaling a couple of months back, and since then I've done my own share of research, aka browsing the internets for all kind of posts that could help me nail the art of bullet journaling. What I wasn't expecting to find was that Bullet Journaling doesn't have a specific do/don't list. It can be whatever you want it to be, how so ever you want it to be.

The concept of Bullet Journaling was developed by Ryder Carroll from bulletjournal.com
This video explains it all,

Most people (including me) use this system to stay on top of things, to organize busy days, weeks, months, and to conquer the dreaded to-do lists. Like I already mentioned there isn't a right or wrong way of bullet journaling, but here are a few ideas on how to get started,

You'll need a notebook. Any size you find comfortable. Smaller the better since it'll be easier to carry it around, and a pen. Or two. That is all.

Basic spreads that most people start with are, an index, a key with symbols & colors you plan on implementing through the journal (I love color coding, so I have a color for each aspect), a yearly spread to mark important events/to briefly plan the year. It isn't necessary that you include all these things, I for one found no use of an index, so my bullet journal doesn't have one.
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You could jump straight into the monthly spreads, here are mine for September. Apart from having a monthly spread, I have a couple of extra spreads for each month.

I mark important dates and events in the monthly spread; birthdays, exams, trips home, so on.
I've left very little space for a to-read list, that's practically vestigial, might discontinue it from next month.

Memories spread is for doodling all the good-bad-memorable events that took place in the said month. I update it at the end of each month. Sometimes I save souvenirs and stick them in. Tickets, pressed-flowers, tissues.

Expenses log has helped me so much with budgeting money & keeping track of the outgoing cash. Being a student and all, I find this spread the most useful!

On the right side is Gratitude log which I'm supposed to update every day. (But, I don't) (but when I do, reading through it at the end of the month makes me I-just-had-my-fav-cookie kinda happy) 
In the gratitude log, I write down one thing or more that I'm thankful for. It could be a cup of really good chai. It could be a test result. Being noticed by my crush. Or a good 10-hour sleep. (Oh dear sleep, how I miss you)
On the left is spread for a monthly playlist. I commute for two hours each day, having a playlist is how I survive the long boring hours in the traffic. Hence, playlist of the month.

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 I fill the empty spaces with fav words, doodles, random quotes. Exhibit A ^ 

And that's a wrap. 
The best thing about bullet journaling is if you don't like something, or if something doesn't work for you, just turn the page and start afresh. Happy Journaling!

Do You Bullet Journal? What are your Fav Spreads?

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