Wednesday, 22 June 2016


You are more than just a degree.
More than a test score. An exam paper. A meretricious rumour.
More than the failures and much more than all the successes combined.
More than even your most obsessive dream.

You are full of insignificant details, full of an underlying, dull palpable strength.
You are desperation. And fiery, burning passion.
You are the light and darkness contained in the cosmos.
You are the shining, thriving burning star, and the dark, sucking black hole.
You are more than all that and then a some more.
You are a contrast. An unmeasurable force. Unmeasurable, yes.
Then why do you end up weighing your worth on those dark, cold nights when your heart is riddled with despair.
Why do you spend these nights retrospecting all the things that make you less?  
Cause honey, if there's one thing that you're not, it is a definition.
Confined and limited by its own words.

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