Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Superhumans vs Villains

To be honest, I've only watched three superhero movies all my life, so my views might sound very amateur or might make no sense. Well, you've been warned.
After watching two superhero movies back to back with almost the same plot-line (Incase you're wondering, Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War) I get why Sheldon Cooper roots for villains. Anyone in their right minds would. Are you tut-tutting over what I said? Okay, hear me out first.

From the very little exposure that I've got to the worlds where superhumans live, I've gathered that these enhanced, powerful men are just a bunch of adolescents high on adrenaline. Yes, physically their strength is incomprehensible and they do have some vvv cool moves, but they don't act like adults. I mean, use your minds, talk to each other and solve your differences, not everything needs to be fought over. Somebody teach them the art of listening/communicating, please.

Villains, on the other hand, are masterminds. I mean they plan everything so duckling brilliantly. They're aware of both, their own and their rival's weaknesses, not just the physical flaws, but the emotional one's as well. Okay, I'm not saying that people should use their emotional weaknesses against each other, but awareness is important, might come in handy sometime. Mental strength triumphs over physical strength any day. Although villains are evil and on the look for vengeance, I'm gonna root for them cause hello, they use brains, unlike these super god humans who fight first and talk later.
In short, villains have brains, superheroes, egos. Doesn't that make hero the villain and villain the hero?

In my opinion, the only reason these supermen win over villains is cause the society needs that triumph of good over bad. But if it were to happen in a real world, I think these superheroes would stand no chance, they would've killed each other before even realizing that the villain was behind the whole duckling plot.

P.S: I love'em ducklings :P

Whose side are you on? #TeamSuperhumans or #TeamVillains?


  1. Haha, true that! :) While all of them were beating each other up, the Sokovian was biding his time and hatching elaborate plans.BUT, I be on #TEAMBLACKWIDOW xD

    P.S: I love 'em ducklings too <3

    1. EXACTLY! And such a brilliant plan at that, he knew when & where to strike'em. Actually, now that I think of it, I did like Black Widow, she was the only sane superhero in that movie lol.

      P.S: Spreading duckling love haha



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