Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Time I Started Bookstagramming

When I took a three-month hiatus from reading, around the time of finals last year, I realized how much I loved and how badly I missed it.
So I did what someone(read: book dragon) on a hiatus from reading does, I started to follow Book tubes and Bookstagrams religiously.
For those who aren't aware, book tubes are channels dedicated solely for book reviews and bookish talks. Bookstagramming is all about posting pictures and talking about books on Instagram.

And then a random crazy thought popped into my head like random crazy thoughts do. And my response to it was a cliched NO, are you crazy?
What was the thought you ask? To start my own bookstagram.
Why is that a crazy thought you ask? I can give you a list to answer that, but I'll stick to the most important one's;
1. I don't own many books. In fact, I get most of my reading done by borrowing books from libraries, amazing friends. E-books help too.
2. According to some of my friends, I suck at photography.
But then this random crazy thought started consuming me - like they always do and I succumbed to it. Thank God I did!

I started bookstagramming in April this year, 6 months down, I love it as much as I did on that very first day.

Yet another bookstagram. After all, the world will always need more pictures of Ink. Pages. Spines. Words. Books and bookworms :P #curtainraiser

I've met some very special friends with whom I not only fangirl over books but talk about anything and everything. It's like meeting someone for the first time and realizing that you've known them forever. Yes, that kind of stuff does happen in real life.
I started a book club, I swapped book gifts and letters.
Oh and did I mention that I've already won 3 giveaways?

First giveaway prize: A signed copy of A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J.Maas

Also, my photography skills have gotten a lot better,

Let's just say that right now, this is the most happening thing in my life, the only ray of the sunshine amongst all the dull, lifeless clouds.
Here's more of bookish awesomeness, if you're into that kind of a thing.

Sometimes, it's a good thing to succumb to such consuming thoughts and venture into uncharted seas.

Have you had any random crazy ideas? Tell me, I'd love to know about them.


  1. I LOVE booktagrams <3 Imma gonna go check out some booktubes.. any suggestions?

    1. Fail, typo :/ bookStagrams, I meant.

    2. During that hiatus, I was religiously following "Epic Reads" on youtube. Love their tea time series, their problems of a book nerd vids just crack me up.
      Ariel Bissette and padfootandprongs07 are cool booktubers. Umm..andd bakedbookpages, she's a newb. Also, abooktopia and peruseproject are very popular booktubers. But for the most part, if you're in YA then stop, drop & watch Epic reads vids! XD



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