Monday, 25 November 2013

First Award

*Tada dada tadaaaaa*

I'm psyched ! Why ? Cause I just received my FIRST ever blog award .

First of all to those who are new to this - Liebster award exists only on the internet , it is used to discover and appreciate new/lesser known blogs or let's say blogs with less than 200 followers . It has German origin and the word means - dearest , sweetest , kindest , valued and the likes . Valued . Yeaah , that's pretty much how I feel right now :)

Now , how does this work ?
 - Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them
 - Answer 10 questions given to you by the nominator
 - Nominate 10 other fellow bloggers for this award
 - Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
 - Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them. It's completely optional to accept the award .

Having said (err..written) all this , I would now like to give the loudest shout out to this doctor-to-be cum amazing blogger - Lubaina from When It Rains  -  THAAANKYOUUU ! Not only for nominating me for this award but also for creating this personalized version of the Liebster blog button and for making me feel special and valued . You are a very genuine person and I hope and wish , that our bond evolves into friendship that lasts beyond boundaries and time . Make sure you check her blog out , especially the crow liner posts , i love'em !

                Oh , I forgot mentioning , she's a very creative person too ! She created this button and the background is a painting , she painted on a wall . Beautiful *sigh*

So , now to the questions and answers thingy :

Q1. Describe yourself in three words .
 Philosophical , optimistic , introvert ( during the first few encounters )

Q2. Your best home-alone experience ?
I've got this huge family , so there never has been this chance of being home alone even for an entire day but yeah , when I'm home alone for a few hours , music on , volume to the peak and I dance my heart out :P

Q3. A perfect evening is ?
Resting on my favourite bean bag , water dripping from my hair , a hot/cold beverage (depending on the weather)  in one hand and an amazing novel in the other . Sounds perfect to me :D

Q4. Think quick . Fish or Fries ? 
Fries anyday cause i don't enjoy seafood much .

Q5. Which place will you travel to if you have the option to visit any place free of cost ?
Now , that's a tough question since there are like a million places I want to visit free of cost :P But for now ,  Tajikistan . I don't know why , but I'm sort of drawn to this place .

Q6. Winters or summers ?
Winters !

Q7. Reason for Q.6 ?
Cause I don't like getting tanned or bathing in sweat :P

Q8. Is the concept of having good handwriting over-rated ? 
Never gave it much thought ..

Q9. Comics or novels ?
Novels !

Q10. What is the best part about being a blogger ? 
Meeting people with different personas from different walks of lives and from like , all over the world . Love it !

Time to pass it on , the receivers of Liebster blog award :

Bryan Jones from Bryan Jones' Diary - the ramblings of a menopausal man  - You've always encouraged me to write more , I'm pretty sure you don't realize it , but you have . Thanks for always being there to support and encourage my writing :)

Jigar Doshi from Musings of Jigar - Because , it was your blog that inspired me to start my own . Also because , anytime I want a review of some movie or novel , I find it on your blog . Anytime I feel like reading some lovey-dovey post , I find it on your blog . Because your blog is a one-stop place for anything I want to read about  .

Nida Fatima from Retrospect - You are one of the most amazing writers I've ever seen . Seriously .

Sakshi Singh  from Rooh... - I like how you do justice to sensitive posts , and the fact that we are very much like-minded , that way I totally connect with all your posts at some level .

Zoha from In Uffish thought - Your posts are captivating . Since I am a hopeless romantic , I just keep reading and re-reading your blog posts , it's unreal how you carve all these unsaid emotions into words .

Jaimie L. Moore from The Flying tire - This blog is my source of inspiration . It reminds me of the fact that even if you loose everything , you hit rock bottom , that it's not the end of the world , that you can still rise , that you can still find happiness and love .

Alcina  from Afixxion Addict  - Your posts are just awesome . And so are you :)

Meeta Sabnis from Dreams in my heart ... - Because I LOVE the way you write .

Diksha Sharma from The Seasoned Woman - I find your blog very pretty , keep writing , you haven't updated your blog in quite sometime now , so eagerly waiting for your next post :)

Shawez Somani from Jiy0 life kuch zyada ! - Because you agreed to create a blog , and you've made a good start . Hopefully in a few years , you will metamorphose into an awesome writer ,so all the best with the blogging stuff , bhai ;)

Godha Naini from G.Naini's - Because I simply love you :*

Yeaah , I know 11 nominees , but couldn't leave anybody out , noww *Drum-rolls , please*

                                     THE LIEBSTER AWARD ^_^
                          CONGRATULATIONS ! I hope you guys like it :)

 So , here are the 10 questions that you guys have to answer :

Q1. Describe yourself in one word .
Q2. Your favourite quote ?
Q3. Favourite book ?
Q4. If you could live permanently in any decade , what would it be ?
Q5. What place do you want to visit (free of cost) ?
Q6. If you could have dinner with someone dead or alive , who would it be?
Q7. A perfect evening is ?
Q8. Share one thing that's on top of your bucket list
Q9. What motivated you to start blogging ?
Q10. What is the best part about being a blogger ?

Phew ! That took forever . Cheers !


  1. Wow, thank you so much for the award and your generous comments.
    As my last post comprised my responses to a similar award, forgive me for not immediately responding to your questions. I will give them some thought for a future post.

    Best wishes.

    1. I am glad you appreciate it .
      Sure , you can include them in a future post or something ! Tc :)

  2. Now,m going to kill myself for this award.I already have 2 liebster awards pending and got my exams thing to do & now u give a 3rd award.literally this is not like an award to me(it is ofcourse) kaani more like an imposition.

    1. Such a dramebaaaz you are ! You can include the three awards in a post if you want to , anyhoo see you soooooon :*

  3. Thank you so much, Shonazee :)
    Both, for the award and the kind words :)

  4. First, congratulations for your first! You are such a sweetheart!
    And thank you, for such lovely words, they really mean a lot! :)

    So how do I reply to these questions? Through a post or something?

  5. Aww thank you !

    Yeaah , you can reply to these questions and nominate others through a post if you want to , it isn't mandatory or anything like that !

  6. I'M HONORED ^___^
    That's a lot of compliments Shonazee :3

    I hope our bond becomes stronger by the day too :D

    Also, you surely weren't an introvert when we met in the cyberworld :3

    1. In sha allah , it will :)
      Well , turns out I am not an introvert when it comes to the cyberworld :P



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